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Income Protection Tax Deduction

Income Protection Tax Deduction   What Is Income Protection? Income Protection Insurance allows you to insure your ability to generate an income, in the event you are unable to work due to sickness or injury Income Protection Insurance can cover up to 75% of your Annual income and pay it to you as a monthly…
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Income Protection Insurance – What You Need To Know

There’s been a bit of dust kicked up recently about the NSW government’s proposed scheme to alter the compulsory third party insurance system, a move which they say will better serve the victims of transport accidents but that some claim will force motorists to take out independent income protection insurance if they hope to maintain…
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Handy Hints For Obtaining High-Risk Life Insurance

Not everyone who applies for life insurance is fit and well and just hedging their bets in case of a rainy day. There are thousands of people – young and old – who seek life cover after being diagnosed with a serious or long-term illness or life-threatening injury. The good news is there are plenty…
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