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Life Cover

Life Cover pays an agreed sum to your nominated beneficiaries if you die or are diagnosed terminally ill. You can choose a premium that starts out cheaper and gets more expensive as you get older (stepped), or one that starts out a little more expensive but doesn’t increase in cost as you age (level).

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover

If you are permanently disabled and incapable of ever returning to work, TPD Cover will pay you a lump sum or regular monthly stipend so you’ll still have money coming in. Many life insurance policies offer combined TPD and Life Cover.

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover pays out a lump sum or monthly income if you suffer a critical illness such as heart attack, cancer or stroke. It can help cover the costs of treatment and rehabilitation, assisted living, or a reduction in your earning capacity.

Income Protection

If you are temporarily unable to work for reasons beyond your control, Income Protection can help you manage expenses like your mortgage, rent or credit card payments, bills, groceries and childcare fees so you can focus on getting back on your feet.